Saturday, 3 July 2010


Hello!! How's everybody? Getting along well in college/university life?? Definitely not me.. ='( Find it a bit sickening here... Sien..

Anyway, really miss u guys back home lar... Really hope can meet up again.. =3 Here's some memories..

Credit to Anellen and Tho Soon for helping me with this.. I'm really, really sorry if I scolded you all and so on... I'm still dealing with my temper..

After competition.

And this also... Thanks to Anellen and Samuel for coming up with this idea during Mighty Mind 2009. It's really sad though, that we lost to our other team.. D=
Other team's.

That's all from me I guess.. =)


Wednesday, 23 June 2010

I missed ...

... the noisy environment of 5 Electron 2009 .

The spectator likes noisy environment because that's what made the spectator excited , happy . Although our class had been tag as the noisiest science class ever (well , should be noisiest class in Guinness World Records) , but I enjoy that noise , I enjoy that environment .

See our class photo , not even normal when taking photo (well , there's few people keep acting normal) , crazy style is just what we should have .

See this , some guy are trying be close to some girl . One of the guy behind the main character is the spectator and the other one is LC San , which is all being rubbish at there (facing the blackboard but actually day dreaming at there) .

Still , there's some scene of out class hard working (the Smoker looks like copying , not hard working) .

Just ... don't make a hard working people shock or it will like that .

This is what happens on English period , some people sleeping , some people hard working (on doing Maths) , some people chating and some is "dazing" .

Lastly , don't do too much bad things , or you'll be busted like him .


Guys, I am Chung Ning..HAHAA.still remember me?????????

I am now study at SMK Batu Lintang for my form 6.In my class,we have Chun San, Hui Shan,Kui Yun ,Sharon and also Vui Loong but Chun San ,Hui Shan and Vui Loong going to leave soon.HAHAHA,so it just left me,Sharon and Kui Yun (If we continue to study form 6 ). Sharon is currently our class monitor..HAHAHA .

Let's talk about my school =)

In terms of facilities,this school is not so good compare with SMK Jalan Arang.
The reason I said so because the toilet is damn far from my blok, if you walk to the toilet and walk back to the classroom ,I think you will miss most of the lesson.Damn it

For canteen, I think that Arang's canteen is better because there is some rumours about this canteen's food is not so clean . If you dint notice carefully,you will be able to eat a lots of flies leg, it's "healthy".
I rather bring my own food to school..==

Ohh yeah,I am sorry that I cant upload any photo of my school cause I havent take any yet.

I think I need to stop here now and I will try to keep update this blog..hahahaha
Thank You,Bye bye
To all 5e friends,Have a nice day =)

Sunday, 13 June 2010

Hey It's me Pauline again!!

What I can say about le now.. erm.... um.... oh ya let's talk about the assignment that we all hate.

So how was or is or are your assignmentSssss?? makinh you headache right? The assignment I most hate about is engineering drawing. Have to draw draw draw til you're crazy...

This is the hardest thing I ever drew. Half of my life is gone because of drawing this == luckily anellen teach me how to draw if not I sure ignore this question. hahahaha

The other assignments I think is just like how u guys do la. typing google it blah blah blah.. sienzzzzzzzzz haha

That's all from me~ hahahaha xD the end~

Sunday, 6 June 2010

Co=Ming SooN

Yo!!! Long time din't study together liao...miss 5 Electron so so so much!!!!!!!!!!! ><'''

Especially teacher say : "5 Electron Silence Please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" and also "very are rite" from Mdn.Elizabeth ...hahaha...Because we are the noisiest class in the history of SMK Jalan Arang...hahaha…

I'm study at UCSI University Sarawak Campus...taking Foundation Studies In Arts now (1 year)...Arang students only me and Wen Piao-he also call Mango(5Ruby) in this intake...feel lonely...haha...But better now...Because I have meet my new friends....Of course I will not forget our CRAZY FAMILY de la!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Many people don't know how my school looks like and where is it located...
UCSI University Sarawak Campus is located at Jalan Tun Jugah...

This is my University Coffee Bar and Bistro
The food quite cheap but i never try before....

Arrangement of tableware in Coffee Bar and Bistro...

This is my school Auditorium at first floor of the Campus...

This photo is taken during my 18th Birthday at Tian Chu Restaurant with my Friends....

Batu Lintang vs UCSI vs Swimburne

Some of my friends in UCSI

Rachel, Boon, Julian, Nicolas, Poh, Jie, and Jeremiah

I'm very happy and enjoy my study now...I hope Crazy Family will never Disappear...Never and Ever!!! This only some of my picture....I hope I will update this blog again as soon as possible....thank you^^

Sunday, 30 May 2010

Wesak Day~

On 28 May , we have our Wesak Day and as usual most of the temple will send a group of people to have a Wesak Day procession .

Is happy to know that some of the 5e09 student also took part on this event,their are Hui Shan, Ying Kiat , Chun San , Chung Ning and maybe more . Ying Kiat join his PLKN's group and the rest of us join the Chi Yun's temple group . Initially we though that Sze Joo will walk for San Sen Tang but she din't because her leg got some injured .

This photo is taken after the procession in Chi Yun temple.

That's all from me,will update this blog after we got new thing..=D

Saturday, 29 May 2010

surprice!!! abathen big king appear in the blog!

oh yeah~~your class monitor come liao~

curious about your class monitor de life after SPM??
oh man!!

i'm damn weird chin!
not only a po fa kong...also act diam diam i class...

but still eat chin chin in class la~~haha!
and even put my leg on the chair..lie on the chair and sleep...

still my style la...but just a bit diam diam nia lo...hahak!

and i miss 5 elektron member also...miss chin!!!
stay in 5 elektron will have classmates for me to bully...
the first one is CLEMENT PHOO~~then is pauline that po fa kong moi la~~

oh god!! i want go back to the SPM life....SPM life is nothing to suffer after you have go to colledge or uni....

now the life baru suffer!! fail one paper then have to pay RM 300! just for one paper...
haha! luckily i pass jor two liao..still have seven more papers la...

i'm very hardworking la!
thats my life now!

wish can gather with you all again man!

and come this blog and post your post! k?!?

miss our watermelon or not?!

thats all! fly away~~